Monday, November 2, 2009

I don't know what I've been smoking

I don't know what I've been smoking, how I've changed, or what's in my Kool-Aid, but I've been avidly watching the World Series.  I think it began b/c the Wolf, aka my brother, is a huge fan.  On the night of the first game of the series, I was outside Yankee Stadium.  Inside the madness.  Blue and white as far as the eye could see.  A buzzing, brimming, bobbing sea of humanity all focused on one thing and one thing only; the game! And all of a sudden, I became a fan. 

I walked  over to a vendor selling souvenir caps.  I asked, how much.  He grunted, 20 bucks.  I said, how about ten?  He smiled, waited a moment and said, How about you go across the street and pay 25 bucks, and five bucks for a cup of coffee while you're at it.  I smiled back.  Total New York moment.  I forked over the money.  Surely this will be a talisman, I thought, a good luck charm that I will mail to the Wolf. 

At home, I turned on the game, for the first time in my life.  Was mesmerized by the Phillie's pitcher, Cliff Lee.  Swooosh.  He threw the ball.  Swwwiiinng----  Jeter, Matsui, Damon, A-Rod, all the Yankee superstars struck out. Who was this man?  He dominated the game like a magician, like he was high on crack, like he was king.  The Yanks never had a  chance.  Now I'm hooked.  Game 4 tonight and you better believe I'll be there.  They're up by three games.  If I mail the hat to the Wolf in time, I believe they'll go all the way.

photo: wallyg


  1. Adding another layer to what makes you interesting. I hate watching baseball on t.v., but I LOVE going to minor league games in Rome, Georgia.

  2. I smoke what you smoke - don't watch much of anything in the way of sports the rest of the year (well, I do watch a butt load of the Olympics....), but I always try to catch a good portion, if not all, of the World Series. Really don't care who is playing, just like to see the best of baseball battle it out. Gotta admit I like the Yankees - Derek Jeter is from Michigan!

  3. Who is this Wolf character ?
    The Yanks will win on Weds night and break out the champange for their 27th world series win !

  4. OMG I always thought Jeter was from the Bronx. Plus have a serious crush on Cliff Lee, that guy can PITCH!

  5. Lisa: I would love to go to a minor league game. But something about a world series in my nabe is exciting.