Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 things I know for sure

1. The expression “jumped the shark” has jumped the shark (ironic, isn’t it?)

2. There will never be real health care reform and its got nothing to do with President Obama. Its because big pharmacy is bigger than big government.

3. Children should never be prescribed drugs for behavioral issues. See number 2.

4. We are a bi-polar nation because we’ve allowed ourselves to be defined in this way. Pass the Ambien.

5. God is dead and he has been replaced by the cult of celebrity. We collectively worship at the altar of “Jersey Shore.” Amen, brother.

6. Oprah Winfrey should get up off her fat but and do the one thing that frightens her; run for political office. I’m just saying…

7. Sarah Palin is stupid and bigoted, and I’m not ashamed to say that about another woman. Let Camille Paglia fuck her if she wants, I don’t care--- she ought to be sedated. Pass the Prozac.

8. No mother should ever have to bury her child.

9. Education in the South Bronx sucks. I suspect it sucks in the rest of the four boroughs as well and for the same reason: politics trump children every time.

10. I’m real glad its not dark at 6:00 a.m. anymore.


  1. Agree with most (some I have no clue - e.g.#9), but I would not call Sarah Palin "stupid". I am trying to read her book (my mom sent it to me....) and would hesitate to call her stupid. Not saying I like her politics, but she ain't no dummy! She kicked off her book tour about 8 miles from my house and gathered thousands of people, some of whom slept in line. Her book is a best seller and she just landed at job at Fux Newz - she is building her bank account and her fan/voter base. Stupid like a Fox, maybe???

  2. Stupid in the sense of wrong-headed intelligence ie very narrow point of view, bigoted, not stupid in the IQ she is indeed dumb like a fox. luv Fux Newz. lol

  3. I like to switch between the bare and phalanxed re(publican)ortage of Fux Newz and the totally spin-free donkey doctrine of Mess-N-Spin BC - where Rachel and Keith would surely call it "art" were the current Prez to take a dump on stage. If they fawn any more we gonna hafta call them both "Bambi".