Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My friend, the junkie with a hunchback

Dude. Wrote a post for Brooklyn Heights Blog. You can read it here:

And the fan mail just keeps rolling in. At first I was leery about writing about a homeless junkie with a hunchback. I thought I might get shit about writing something positive about the man. I like him and he's become a friend of mine. But people are loving it, and I'm loving the loving. Feel me?

It's always gratifying when a post gets that kind of attention. People really like the hyper-local, human interest stories. This is what I have learned. This is one of the things I like to write. This is one of the things I write well. Well, well, well.


  1. great job! I agree, people respond to human interest stories; especially on community sites such as BHB.

  2. Ahhh grasshopper - when you promote others, you will be promoted yourself. :0