Monday, April 13, 2009

On Line Dating Rides Again

I just signed up with, posted my profile yesterday with the heading---
I'm ready to come out of hiding.
The whole set-up is mad complicated, and almost every step of the way, Nerve or its matchmaking platform has its hands out, asking for money. Upgrade to gold status, silver status. If you want to see a full size picture, upgrade! If you want to email him, upgrade! I finally coughed up ten dollars, bought 2,000 points (whatever that means), and today received two messages from genuinely cute guys. That's the upside. Nerve is far more classier than Craig's List, perish the thought. It's a more sophisticated dating pool and honestly the fees weed out the trash, because I could never take out the trash again. Meaning--- those Craig's List dates of yesteryear were nightmares.

I've finally faced the fact--- that online dating is the only way to go in the 21st century. It's ironic that in this culture of high speed communication, meeting a man F2F is almost impossible. I've capitulated to both Face Book and Nerve. I won't do coffee dates, way too boring. I think the best is a cocktail somewhere downtown. If I don't like the dude, I can say, well gotta go--- after a glass of wine. At least I'll be out and about, and can head uptown and hang with my peeps. Mad Crazy. Ha, ha. Seriously though, here's my summer fantasy:

I meet a great man. I get a book contract for Crazy Bitch. We rent a house in the Catskills with Wi Fi and cable for the summer. I write, do research, he grills. Molly gambols about in the woods. It's an easy relationship, sexy and warm. We are friends, but we are also lovers. I thought I'd put it out there, articulate what I want. Laws of attraction baby, can't argue with quantum mechanics, baby.


  1. I was with you until the "molly gambols" part. Saw Molly's picture and methinks she would be more likely to strut than gambol. ;)

  2. How did you know? do you know the breed, yes, absolutely all ten pounds of her struts