Sunday, August 16, 2009

I haven't disappeared

Here I am. I haven't disappeared. Busy all week working on a book proposal, and receiving a lot of good news re: employment and money. The Dean of Lehman College has granted me a waiver to work nine hours beyond my contract limit at my pay grade. Plus receiving an additional 45 hours at my pay grade to develop a new educational program. And unemployment kicked in. It has been strange and wonderful to not worry about money. I drink all the Red Bull I want. I bought a pair of shoes. Tonight I am going out with a friend and will buy her a drink. I swim like a fish at my gym, I luxuriate in the sauna. I wake at eight and take Molly out. I let her go wherever she wants to on her walk. I have two more weeks of vacation. It's sultry and hot outside, but inside, its cool and clean. I've been catching up on movies, reading books, magazines and newspapers. I no longer hear the scratch, scratch, scratch of the wolf at my door. He's gone back into hiding. Back into the dark woods where he belongs. In other words, friends, I am happy.


  1. Most excellent news! Glad to learn of some relief for you in the checkbook and your (immediate) future is looking bright.
    Starting my day with a smile. I was kinda worried about you - even though I only CYBER-know you!!

  2. Why thank you. It's tough to leave behind the anxiety but I'm working on it. LAS