Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Rihanna goes back to her boyfriend. WTF? Members of the music community who had initally blasted Chris Brown, now are back pedaling, even apologizing for the bad things they said about him. WTF? Maybe this will all go away and he can get back to the $$$$ business of being Chris Brown, ka ching. Let's just sweep this under the carpet with yesterday's garbage. Let's pretend it didn't happen. It didn't happen. They're young, good looking, and in love. What else matters?

Srsly. He choked her. Pummeled her. The photos that leaked to the press represent a woman who looked DOA. Every day, almost every day I read a story about a man who loved his woman so much he had to kill her. I love the part where it reads, "she had recently taken out an order of protection." I love that part. Women who take out an order of protection always seem to be dead within the week, or the month. It's an order of un-protection.

I blame, in part, the notion of romantic love. The notion that a woman is nothing without her man, her soulmate. It's a fairy-tale and it's killing us. Can we please send this to trash bin of history? Can we press delete and start over? Why is everybody falling all over themselves to exonerate Chris Brown?

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