Sunday, March 8, 2009

Graduation Day for the Girls Next Door

Two nights ago I watched the hour long finale of The Girls Next Door. I do believe these women had really bonded with each other, and the tears they cried were real tears. The youngest, Kendra, had fallen in love with a football player and wanted to live her own life. She'd come to the Playboy Mansion at the age of 18 and is now 23. Bridget was off to film a documentary series about the best beaches in the world, and Holly was off to a photo shoot in Las Vegas. All three left Hef's famous circular bed. He looked surprised, even stunned. In his younger bachelor days, he was the one to move on, now he's too old. Oh well.

Initially I was prepared to despise this reality show-- objectification of women, old guy having sex with three young women, all of the women sporting silicone enhanced breasts, all blond. I thought for sure the catfight was on! But it wasn't. Not at all. They're not the smartest women I've ever met, but they were certainly sweet, good-natured and genuinely likable. In the hierarchy, Holly was the top woman, and Bridget and Kendra accepted this without any bitchery.

I will say however, that Kendra, as the youngest--- was the most poignant. Why? As she made her way through the mansion saying her good byes, she referred to several of the staff as being "a mother to her." Her real mother actively participated in life at the Mansion including plastic surgery. Kendra's her own woman, but if she was my daughter, I would be livid at Hef, an 80 year old pervert, perverting my daughter. Instead, her mother embraced the lifestyle for her daughter as well as herself. No wonder she turned staff members, older women, into mother figures.

Hef looked lost as he bid farewell to his luscious trio of girlfriends, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, he's got his hands full with two new girls. I think he's really going to miss Kendra, Bridget and Holly. I think he might just have some real heartache on his hands. Luckily, Kendra has her own show coming up. She was often dismissed as being an airhead, a bimbo, but now she's got the last laugh.


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