Monday, March 23, 2009

Fail, You Bastards!

I continue to watch the financial news and I continually wish that all the companies that are too big to fail would do just that--- fail. News teams are regularly uncovering all kinds of fraud in the mortgage business. I listened to a Harvard economist talk about how we've just seen the tip of the iceberg; the crash of mortgage backed securities. She said, wait till the next shoe is dropped, consumer debt on credit cards. She said that's really going to be a wild ride. The mayor of this great city said we've got to get out and start spending, and I say to him, with whose money? Yours?

I am thinking about all the things I no longer spend money on:

  1. Mac Make-up. My go to brand for almost 15 years. Now I buy Rimmel out of London. It's about 50% cheaper.
  2. Molly. I do not pay people to wash her. I wipe down her paws on rainy days, clip the hair out of her face and cut her toenails myself. I do not have 100 bucks to drop on a day of beauty for her.
  3. My favorite Japanese restaurant. It's four blocks from my home. It has the best teriyaki chicken in the world. I would order the obenzai, appetizer of the day, drink two glasses of a white Rioja, and read the paper. But no more. The bill is $40.00 for this and it ain't happening.
  4. Ann Taylor on Montague Street. I was a regular--- buying up white shirts, khaki trousers, flip flops, T-shirts. A great place for basics. I don't have the money for basics anymore.
  5. Wee Wee Pads for Molly. She pees on the New York Post. What? Something wrong with that?
  6. No. More. Cabs.
  7. No more pay per view movies on Time Warner. If there's a movie I like on Sundance, I watch it. If not, I am now watching crap reality TV on Bravo. It's like crack cocaine and now I'm addicted. Whatever. If it lowers my IQ, so be it.
  8. Shoes. I've been wearing the same pair of black cowboy boots since December. If I'm lucky I'll have enough money to buy a pair of spring sandals at PayLess. Rock on Sista!
  9. I cook my own food and eat it even when it tastes like crap.
  10. I do not go to restaurants. I do not go to the movies.

Mayor Bloomberg, if you want me to start spending money, please help me find a fourth job. Otherwise shut your patrician mouth.


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