Sunday, October 4, 2009

Art, hookers, champagne and music

Party on Saturday night, October 3rd, at Brick Real Estate, transformed into Art Gallery once a month. Exhibit by Robert Edward Franklin, Gray Matter Study. Plenty of champagne, snacks, good music, and good people. Fellow Brooklyn-ites, fellow artists and professionals. We all talked apartments, housing; some live in an illegal loft in Chinatown, some live in Harlem, some live around the corner, and one couple told me about a flop house they had lived in--- midtown with two hookers in the other rooms; men lining up and down the stairs. One hooker was young and good looking, the other--- not so young. I asked, Did the not-so-young hooker get a lot of business? The answer surprisingly was yes. I said, Who? They replied, Jersey frat boys. Made perfect sense.

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