Friday, October 2, 2009

Men in the News

Emily Butler, a particularly astute writer, said this today in the Daily News for Voice of the People: "I was wondering why if state Sen. Hiram Monserrate did slip and accidentally smash a glass against his girlfriend's face, why did he not have any cuts on his hand. I would think that if the glass broke in his hand as it hit his girlfriend's face with such force that she needed 30 or 40 stitches, he, too, would have suffered some cuts from the broken glass."

I think Ms. Butler has a very good point. If we are to believe their cockamamie story--- he didn't cut her face in a jealous rage, no. He was just bringing her a drink of water, slipped and fell on top of her, accidentally carving her up. If this is the case (play along with me here) then surely the Senator would've needed stitches as well. But he didn't.

Here's another problem. The videotape. Which clearly shows him dragging her down the hallway. Hardly the image of a caring lover tending to his girlfriend. Here's another problem, it seems that she might not have been as drunk as the Senator has claimed. Under oath, she only admitted to drinking two glasses of wine. Hardly a girl coming home all drunk and slutty.

God help us if he is acquitted. This is the clown who brought Albany to its knees last summer. Come on New Yorkers, do we really want this man representing us? Men as well as women ought to have a problem with this. It doesn't matter if Ms. Giraldo has changed her story. When viewing the aforementioned videotape she ran out of the courtroom and said, I can't watch this. The judge said, You have to. Reality bites, doesn't it?

And also in the news, David Letterman. I'm sick to death of reading about sex scandals. He's a powerful, charismatic man. Not to mention rich. If the sex was consensual between two adults, I don't care. Twenty or thirty or forty year old professional women don't need us to come to their rescue. If they wanted to knock boots with Letterman in the utility closet or on his leather sofa, good for them. Maybe not so good for his wife, but that's not a public affair.

Finally, Roman Polanski. Clearly a genius auteur. The 13 year old girl he drugged and raped now a grown woman has said that she forgives him. I don't care about that either. It's true the prosecution was botched and the judge was corrupt. I saw the documentary, Wanted and Desired. He still needs to stand before a judge. He committed a crime. And he's never been punished for it. Nobody gets a free pass in this life, not even geniuses.


  1. I am with you 100% on Polanski. It is amazing to me that people want to cut him slack because:
    1. He is so gifted.
    2. He lost his wife horribly.

    Okay - from here on out anyone with talent can have sex with children? Or anyone who loses a loved one gets a pass.

    Another lame excuse concerns the amount of time that went by? WTF?? Did we let any of the Catholic priests off the hook because of the time factor? Hope not.
    Didn't Polanski try to settle his debt with her for 500k and then never paid that either?
    If he wasn't guilty then why did he take off and why did he offer $$?

  2. Yes, its sad his wife was murdered and its sad he had to run for his life as a child during WWII, all of this is tragic. But drugging and raping a 13 year old whether it was 50 years ago or yesterday, is still a serious crime.