Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lust and humanity

I found this post by Hugo Schwyzer--- who gave a workshop at Brown University's "Consent Day" and would like to applaud the work that he's doing on college campuses particularly in light of the recent Hofstra Rape Scandal. Many of my male readers took offense to my post on this topic--- and I quote Mr. Schwyzer to acknowledge the complexity of the issue:

"We talked at length about the familiar but still-powerful compartmentalization phenomenon, one in which “good guys”, those who strive to do justice with their lives and with their bodies, live a separate, secretive sexual life (usually involving pornography) that seems, at least to the guys themselves, to be something profoundly shameful. Timothy Beneke’s Men on Rape is now out of print, but one of the many memorable lines within that invaluable text is this: “I’m not aware of any common English phrases that allow one to express sexual desire in a way that acknowledges both lust and humanity."


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