Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go get your own blog, bitch

As a coda to my post on the Hofstra Gang Rape Story, Michael Daly in the Daily News writes:
"If these five guys have no sense of shame, they should at least shut up. No young woman would consent to having sex with five guys in a bathroom unless she was seriously troubled...if they did not understand she has psychological problems, they certainly should was not so much a matter of consent as descent...these five may not be guilty, but that does not make them innocent."
Thank God. I am grateful that Mr. Daly is trying to get these guys to to stop complaining about how their reputation is forever tarnished. This doesn't condone false accusations but it does speak volumes about how the objectification of women harms both sexes.

Also I've been the recipient of several vitriolic comments from Anonymous--- especially regarding this issue. While I welcome opposing opinions, these posts are so full of hatred that they really defeat the purpose of an open exchange of ideas particularly since this particular person continues to hide his/her real identity. There is plenty of room for all us on the web, and since you are so convinced that I am an arrogant asshole, witch, bitch, slut, whatever--- may I kindly suggest you take your business and comments elsewhere-- I will no longer publish them or even read them.

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