Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boroughing Brooklyn likes my work

Many thanks to Boroughing Brooklyn for reposting my piece on P.S. Bookshop, All things literary, on their site:

About Brooklyn The Borough--- You may have noticed lately that Brooklyn has become a vital conduit to innovative American culture. Brooklyn The Borough aims to capture the stories behind that culture, and bring you informative, contextual reporting from the cutting edge. Conceived from a weekly New York Observer column by Nicole Brydson, Brooklyn The Borough is independently owned and dedicated to covering Brooklyn’s cultural zeitgeist. Our contributors are local residents who want to share their ideas.

Brooklyn The Borough is an innovative news website, melding the sensibilities of literary print journalism with the digital platform in a magazine feature format. This approach to local reporting is unique to Brooklyn’s internet landscape and intends to shed light on the borough’s subterranean cultural movements in fashion, music and art. Contextualizing the borough’s political and sociological landscapes is key to this website’s mission. Please follow us on Twitter!

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