Saturday, September 26, 2009

Say hello

Say hello to Cunt Deluxe. You know who she is. She's a woman in a position of power who likes to throw her weight around when dealing with other women. She likes you to know that she has control over your pretty life. She's overweight, still wears polyester pants suits, gold button earrings and hates your cowboy boots and your MAC make-up. She wants you to know that she doesn't care that you're smart, attractive--- you represent a threat to her because you are different. Maybe you write books, maybe you paint, sculpt, dance; but you don't follow the old rules anymore and she hates that!

She'll bury you with you jargon, rules, regulations which she can quote verbatim, when scolding you. These are the worst type of women--- women who hate other women, who want nothing more than to crush you, flatten you into subservience, mold you in their image, so you lose your magic, your vitality, your spirit. Forget the witches of mythology and fairy-tales. I'll take Hecate any day over a woman like this--- these are the people who rule by fear, who get their sense of worth by how small they can make you feel.

Give me the Wicked Stepmother conniving to kill her daughter, give me Medusa who can turn a man to stone, give me Medea who slaughtered her children, give me Lilith, Salome, or even Lizzie Borden--- just keep me safe from Cunt Deluxe, and I will be eternally grateful.


  1. I have to say that there are plenty of this type of woman (who come in all shapes and sizes) who hate non conforming women of any shape. Take it from a fat woman -- this hate is not limited to thin women. Fat women are just easier targets, because men join in easily on the hating.

  2. My apologies to you--- I had a specific person in my mind and shouldn't have generalized. mea culpa!

  3. Thanks!

    (same anonymous as first comment)

  4. She's also super-insecure, sad and lonely and hurting as much as the rest of us. Perhaps we could take a more sympathetic view of her and maybe she could heal - just like the rest of us.

  5. That would be the ideal situation, yes.

  6. May I also add that just because she may have a soft southern accent - like the Cunt Deluxes I know down here - she isn't any sweeter. She just likes the affectation that manners somehow excuse her behavior.

    What a pain to have to deal with her, no matter who she is. I suppose taking the high road is best, but still.