Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cougar has jumped the shark

I'm happy to report that the word "cougar" has officially jumped the shark. The new TV series Cougar Town premiered on Thursday night with Courtney Cox. Cringe Fest! Let us all officially bury the word in a very deep grave where it belongs. It was always sexist. It was always insulting--- buried beneath its oh so hip veneer it suggested a carnivorous woman just waiting to devour her unsuspecting prey.

I used to date younger men. I did it because it was easier. Single men my age were trouble; wanted me to be the "little woman," wanted to know why I didn't cook, why I didn't have children, why I wasn't dying to marry them. Duh! Once a press release for a reading billed me as "the man-eater" and I thought what the f--k does that mean, and where did they get that information? Because I wrote about sex? Because I wasn't embarrassed to use words like cock, pussy, fuck, dick, tits?

I got stuck with "cougar" attached to me like a target. Some thought it was flattering, I knew it wasn't. I chafed and squirmed, aware of the sub-text. Courtney Cox--- get out while you still have time. Help us bury the stereotype and while we're at it, let's bury the dumb blonde as well.

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