Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not the glass slipper

This is my new hair-do, compliments of my niece. I'm proud of her dedication to her education and training. I think its important that young women recognize that the first freedom for women is economic. I wish someone would've told me that when I was growing up. And its certainly the advice that I would give to anyone who might ask me. Economic freedom and an education. These are the two most important elements in a woman's life. Not the Cinderella wedding. Not the Prince, not the glass slipper. True love, true romance, in my experience, comprise several chapters in a woman's life, it's certainly not the entire book.

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  1. Oh yeah. I wish someone had given me more financial advice when I was younger. Two books I insist my kids read are written by Elizabeth Warren and her daughter Amelia. The Two-Income Trap and All Your Worth. They go along well with what you've said here.