Sunday, September 13, 2009

On my way to the Brooklyn Book Festival Gala

It was a fine night in Brooklyn, Saturday. On my way to schmooze with the literati, to drink cocktails and chat up old friends. Edwidge Danticat took the stage at St. Francis College to accept her award in a tasteful purple dress while her adorable children frolicked in the auditorium. After the awards ceremony, we went to the party in the the school cafeteria--- a bit too bright for my taste, I said to my friend Deirdre, this is not a high school dance. She replied and it's not a senior citizen event, but the drinks were free and food was divine. It was hot as shit in there, but still had a great time. Got home at ten, went to bed at midnight and then up again, to attend the festival. A bit hung over, but I've been a good girl for a long time now; working my ass off in a new job, so I needed a night out.

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