Friday, September 4, 2009

The whores, the sluts, the madwomen, the wives and the mistresses

I'm really f---king cranky. I wrote a post, then deleted it. Paranoid. The all pervasive public eye of the world wide web (which I mostly pursue) can have its downside. All this has to do with a new job and a whole new set of guidelines (restrictions) that accompany it. I have to work harder to live in the world as it is--- as opposed to how I think it should be. Grrrrrr. Feels like I have a gag over my mouth. I don't like it. It makes me crazy. But don't feel at this point like I have a choice.

Moving on to other topics:

I'm glad that Ashley Dupree has had her say in the media. She is not as the press has labeled her, the woman who brought the governor down. He did that all on his own. In my own personal brand of feminism, which I feel free to create as I see fit, women who sell their bodies for sex are all right in my book. Feminism has to work harder to be more inclusive. Camille Paglia made this point about Sarah Palin, and as much as I hate to agree with her, I do.

I read How to Make Love Like a Porn Star by Jenna Jameson and I admire her. I didn't at first. She's all sex all the time, 24 hr, 7 days wk. She's found her niche in the world and makes no apologies. I respect the fact that being gang-raped didn't destroy her, and that fact alone is amazing. She runs her own company and makes her own rules. Good for her. Since the porn industry exploded into the public consciousness in the 1970's women indeed have come a long way baby.

Feminism must include the whores, the sluts, the academics, the poets, the madwomen, the wives, the mistresses, the gold-diggers even the bureaucrats who hate other women, or it simply will not survive in any viable way in the future. It will become an outdated, ill-fated once brilliant and beautiful idea now tarnished by its own dogmatism.


  1. And isn't that what choice should mean? The freedom to choose whatever? When we pit ourselves one against another, we seem to be missing the point.

  2. Yes, exactly. As much as I disagree with Sarah Palin's politics I really have to applaud her entrance onto the world stage as a powerful woman. And as much as Ashley Dupree's choice to sell her body is something I cannot imagine, its her right to choose. And women who consider themselves "better" or "smarter" drag us all down.