Friday, May 8, 2009

The Birthday Boy

This is a picture of Marc Travanti in his studio. He is my oldest friend. He is part of the reason I remained sane and strong when I was young. I was good friends with his father, the amazing Bob, when he was alive, I love his mother and adore his wife. But Marc is also very blessed to be friends with ME for the following reasons:

1. I am certainly the best looking of all his friends.
2. I taught him the meaning of the word "bitch."
3. I taught him the meaning of the word "smart ass."
4. I didn't laugh at him when he was 16 and made a gigantic orange candle from an empty gallon of milk. My brother and I used it when we got high in the closet.
5. As his prom date in 1973, and a member of the cool stoner club, I improved his status immeasurably with his jock-centric friends.
6. I agreed to hide in the trunk of his cousin Larry's car, so he didn't have to pay for my drive-in movie ticket.
7. I introduced him to David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars.
8. I didn't complain when he slept with my best friend (well not much anyway) :)
9. I never called him "Chimp."

And the final reason Marc Travanti is so blessed to be my friend is:

10. Not only am I his best looking friend, I am also the smartest.

This is my birthday tribute to my oldest, dearest compadre, friend and honorary brother.
BFF 4 EVER, Galaxy Lil

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