Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brooklyn Blogfest

I attended the Brooklyn Blogfest 2009 last Thursday night. Down in Dumbo, down by the river, at the Powerhouse Arena Bookstore. I blogged about it for Dumbo NYC. I was a blogfest virgin, and I had a great time. One thing I've learned is that to be successful, a writer needs to discover his/her niche. Pick a topic and stick with it. I'm all over the place with this blog; I write about feminist issues, but also my personal life, education, the arts, music, books, family and friends. In many ways, it has replaced my journal.

Blogs, however, are not journals or diaries. They are meant to be shared with a larger audience. The buzziest topics, according to the blogfest, are Alex from The Real Housewives of New York City (because she lives in Cobble Hill), and Trader's Joes. Who knew? After a panel discussion with real pros--- meaning they make $$$$$$$$$$, like Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, and Gothamist--- we all broke up into groups. Blogs about parenting, about the arts, about politics, green blogs, neighborhood blogs.

Then we all went to Galapagos Arts Space for free food, and cash bar. I had a couple of glasses of white wine, two slices of pizza. I signed up for the raffle, had my heart set on the digital camera. Didn't win it, but met the folks at The Brooklyn Heights Blog, F2F!


  1. Glad the blogfest didn't change your blog. I like reading your writing on a variety of subjects. Sometimes I just HAVE to get something off my chest and the blog is the spot to do it. Never will make money at it.....didn't know that was the point.
    Maybe if I focus on ..........

  2. Yes, people do make LOTS O Money on their blogs, but I am who I am and not about to change what I write about...