Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another walk down Douchebag Avenue

There are so many things that are offensive in this ad for Svedka Vodka, its really hard to know what to say first--- except welcome to Douche Bag Avenue. I didn't coin this term, I read it in a post on Bitch from Ashley Brittner. In it she rants about a Burger King ad; a woman, mouth opened wide, is about to take a big bite out of long meaty sandwich,

For the love of god, what will it be next? This is not Burger King's first rodeo, in terms of terrible, sexist advertising, but it might be the raunchiest and therefore the most abhor-able.

The girlbot in this ad is a machine created for pleasure. Machines are brainless. Machines are objects. Sometimes these objects are very pretty, and very sexy. All girls are built for pleasure. We want to serve you in any way we can.

This was posted on a bus stop on Atlantic Avenue. Every time I approached it, I would shield my eyes with my hand. I couldn't look at it. I seriously contemplated buying a can of spray paint and defacing it, vandalizing it in the dead of night. Yes, I would commit a crime. And I too would like to know---

who the hell keeps getting this smut on their desk and signing off on it? In past blogs, we've tackled this b.s. once or twice before, and you'd think they'd eventually get over the tired, easy, douchebag messaging.

Apparently not. It isn't bad enough that advertising has literally created a Bible of diseases and cures for menustration, pregnancy and menopause--- meaning we're sick our entire lives--- but to still have to contend with this overt, obvious douchebaggery boggles my mind.

I'd also like to know if there were any women involved in creative on these ad campaigns. My thought? Yes, there was. Otherwise, these campaigns, and others like it, would never have made it past the men's room.

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