Sunday, June 14, 2009

As I continue my research on how this culture frames menopause--- and how I would like to change this, re-frame it, I found a link to My Menopause Blog, with the tag, how to punctuate your life without a period. Which is cute, maybe a bit too cute, but still---

I was encouraged that the posts reported the stats of women who decided that HRT was not for them, who had decided, as intelligent women, that they were not sick and didn't need medicine. This blog also claims a concomitant drop in breast cancer. And that's all good.

This site is powered by Google ads, and of course, this is wonderful except--- the most prominent words in the ads are: symptoms, suffering, fracture, osteoporosis. So there is still that lingering pathological subtext--- direct contradiction to the blog posts.

Do you see my problem?

Wish List:

A blog, a website, or an online magazine called The writers are women 40 and older who in addition to addressing the fallacies and the myths of older, powerful, smart women, reframe the images as well through essays and blog posts on education, politics, sex, and culture.

The reader wouldn't find a single solitary mention ad for a patch, a pill or a creme. In fact the whole idea of "illness" and pathology would be noticeable in its absence. Why? We're already inundated with this information. I'm not saying it isn't useful. I'm saying, enough already.


  1. Preach it. My wife, (and I consider her sexysmart), made it through menopause w/out hormones. Sure, she beat the crap outta me with sticks once in a while (joking...kinda) and had some roller coaster rides emotionally, but the idea of HORMONE therapy is scary shit in our house.

  2. Dear Cliff: Thanks for your comments. Good to hear from you. Send me links to your work, I'd love to read it.

  3. My work is mostly small town puff pieces on high school kids (hey, what is more fun that tootin' someone's horn...wait, does that sound bad?) n stuff having to do with one of my passions: motorcycles.
    I did have a bit o' sarcasm published in your neck of the woods (the New York Press) a few years ago. I think you can find it here: