Saturday, June 13, 2009

My brains are not in my ass

I was very impressed with myself when I received a comment on my post The end of sex. It was from Stephen Reily of He is the founder. Of course I clicked on the link. These types of websites are despicable. First of all, Stephen, the man who is writing about my vagina? Looks about 32. Blonde hair. What the fuck? Mommy issues?

Second, his blog entry, Boomer women and sex: A REVEALing new survey, part 3, contains the following text:

"Appeal to the connectedness between women. On issues where women feel naturally isolated and ignorant, remind them they are not alone."

That's right, douche bag, we share the planet with the likes of you.

"Consider not using words like vaginal atrophy."

You can use vaginal atrophy if I can use dick and brain atrophy :)

"Be discreet. Most women 50+ remain modest about sex."

How about this. Come over and I'll suck you off, film it, and post it on And that's just the beginning (You're turned on, aren't you?)

Here's the real kicker about this website. It's funded "sponsored" by Wyeth fucking Pharmaceuticals. It bills itself as an online community for women over 50 who are sick and who need medicine. I'm telling you if you buy the image, you buy the pathology. Can smart women of the world unite, and get rid of douche bags like Stephen Reily, who, obviously, has sold his soul to the devil.

Mr. Reily. Thanks for contacting me. Sadly, I am not your demographic. Yes, I am over 50. However, my brains are not in my ass, nor have they ever been. I can still think for myself. I have always been able to think for myself. If you don't mind, I think I will frame my experience as a woman in my own terms:

I'm a bitch and I don't like you.


  1. Way to go Lil!!!

  2. Well, I think you oughta open up and tell the guy what you REALLY think.