Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christine Sang, animal healer, wise woman, artist

On the subject of women I admire, I'd like to add Christine Sang, actress, choreographer and animal healer. I've known her for more than ten years. I reconnected with her this fall after too long an absence. I told her I had a puppy that was always sick, and that I wasn't doing too well myself. I bought Molly, my Shih Tzu, two weeks after I had lost my tribe, my three beloved cats. I brought her home and everything about her was a mystery. When she was only four months old, I was so anxious to get out of the house, away from her, I tripped on the puppy gate and broke my foot.

Who knew what to do with this exotic tiny dog? She was irascible, moody, stubborn. Her stomach was always upset. Counting the vet bills, I was out $3.000 with no end in sight. When we spoke, she gave me a long list of things that I had to do for her and for myself. For Molly, I had to set a definite schedule for her and follow it with iron precision. She needed to understand when it was time to play, time for a walk and time for dinner. She needed to know I was in control, not frazzled and impatient. Molly needed a lot more exercise, massage, a predictable diet. I stopped feeding her commercial food and began boiling organic chicken breasts, carrots and brown rice.

As for me, I needed to stop focusing on my third eye chakra, how did Christine know this? Nobody knew this. My chakra meditations were very private. And because I was so screwed up, I thought, I need to strengthen my inner vision. Christine said no, you need to focus your root chakra, you're not grounded. You need to cook for yourself as well, this will also ground you. You need to work out more, push yourself. And you need to start writing and set a definite schedule for your writing, and get involved with and/or create a political journal.

I copied every word and when I hung up the phone I posted it in the kitchen. I began that day. I took Molly out for an hour and a half walk. I massaged her stomach, boiled her chicken, cut up her carrots. When I went to the gym I worked out for 50 minutes, not 25. I stopped focusing on my third eye chakra, in short, everything Christine said, I did. The only thing I didn't understand was the part about a political journal. I googled political journals, feminist magazines. But--- nothing.

December arrived. Molly hadn't been to the vet since early October. She was a totally different animal. Loving, healthy, gorgeous. She'd stopped spending time underneath the bed. She was joyous and happy when I arrived home. I began thinking of her as the little white goddess because now she brought me so much joy. Her energy was completely different. Even when we go for walks now, she takes my lead.

One day I woke up and thought, I'm going to start a blog. What could be simpler? And I knew that this was what Christine had meant. I was positive. This post, and this space, and how I write here every night, has changed my life. I am so much more grounded now. I get cranky. But now I know how to take care of myself. Christine, you are a truly wonderful and wise woman. I mean that in the old school way of wise women. I can't thank you enough. Molly can't thank you enough. She and I are on a different path now. And we are happy.

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