Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feminism 2.0 and Witches

To elaborate on an earlier point: I knew what to rebel against coming of age right after the first wave of feminism, but I didn't know what to embrace. I didn't know to embrace economic power, I didn't know how to embrace stronger friendships with women, I didn't know how to embrace a set purpose, a strong goal. I knew what I wanted, my heart's desire, but didn't think I had a right to it. I didn't know how to embrace my identity without questioning it.

My attempts to play with my identity, as I acted out various roles; groupie, intellect, writer, slut, lesbian, bisexual, poet, singer--- were met with derision, scorn. There is only one path for a good women! It is a straight and narrow road, there are no bends, no curves, or if there are, they are dangerous. I would embrace all of that today. I do embrace it.

I just finished writing an article about the author of Debbie Does Dallas. She prefers even after all these years to remain anonymous. I have to respect that. She's afraid of the potential negative impact at work. She might be right. If she were a a man, he'd be crowing to all his colleagues. It would be cool. An assertion of his manhood. Women are still straight-jacketed in the expression of their sexuality, in having a voice. I would embrace that voice, now, immediately. In whatever form it takes.

At least in Feminism 2.0, we are seeing less and less women, abandoned after 20 years of marriage, lost in deep depression, who became clever at hiding empty bottles of liquor, as they cash their alimony checks. She is a vanishing breed, thank God. Here are other images I'd like to put on the endangered list:

1. The Murderous Scorned women. Come on. Read the newspapers, forget Fatal Attraction and "hell hath no fury." Men are far more likely to kill women.

2. The dumb blond. Please. We all have the potential to be stupid.

3. The Virgin Mary. Just the Christian version. What woman can be virginal and pregnant? Give us a goddess we can relate to. Thanks.

4. The Whore with the Heart of Gold. All women have a heart of gold. You don't have to be a whore.

5. The Spinster, see "witch." Here's where I come in. This is my category. This is Feminism 2.0 in operation. I don't have a wart on my nose, I don't live in a little thatched hut at the edge of town, I am not crazy, I don't cast spells or steal penises. Some of this believe it or not is left over from the witch trials of the 17th century.

Feel free to add your own.

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