Friday, January 16, 2009

Men, men, and more men

Yesterday I went to the comptroller's office to pick up an advance on my paycheck. The man who works there was a bit smitten with me--- and when I pulled out my NYU ID, he asked me what I studied and I said feminist theory and writing. Then he said, "Uh oh, don't judge us (meaning men!) too harshly." And I thought, too late. I already do. It was one of those ah ha moments people talk about, one of those whatyacallit, epiphanies. Of course I lied and told him, no, I like men, I'm a feminist who likes men.

It used to be true. I used to be a feminist who likes men. I don't know what has happened. Ten years of one night stands? Am I sorry about that? I had affairs with a theatre professor from Australia, a doctor from Australia, a film producer from Manchester (England), a documentary producer from London,

an editor, political cartoonist and novelist from New Dehli, a 25 year old Puerto Rican political activist who still lived with his mother in the Bronx, a computer geek from Tel Aviv, a math teacher from Nigeria, a law student at NYU, a sculptor and set painter from Greenpoint, another film producer from London, another from Berlin,

a teacher's aid from Boerum Hill, well you understand, the list goes on...

I'm not sorry. But I am over casual sex. Things change. In the interest of swinging the pendulum back in the direction of men, here is a partial list, in no particular order of men I admire:

1. Charlie Chaplin. An irrepressible school boy, antic charm, innocence, raccoon eyes, funny man.

2. John Wayne. Who's your daddy? No one but you baby. Macho, si senorita, but a heart of gold, gorgeous arms. Come and save me from the wild Indians.

3. John Cassavetes. A smouldering genius, married to Gena Rowlands, brains and brawn, with a bit of self destruction thrown in for good measure.

4. Mos Def. Most definitely. A friend of mine worked with him, said he was cool, smart, sexy. I live in Brooklyn, you live in Brooklyn, let's get something going.

5. Barack Obama, the country's second hot president. The first was John Kennedy. Did you see the picture of Barack in Hawaii wearing swim trunks, yow.

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