Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coming home all drunk and slutty

This just in! Sen. Hiram Monserrate speaks up in "exclusive interview with the Daily News"(Tuesday, January 6, 2009) by Juan Gonzalez. I love how this story has been recast:

"Giraldo [his girlfriend] was slightly drunk when she showed up at his apartment that night after a Christmas party. He found a cop's PBA card in her pocketbook..."

In other words, her fault, not his. Translation, what's up with this trashy girl coming home all drunk and slutty. Everyone knows what happens when you mix alchohol, Christmas parties and cops. Bad things. Had she come home sober, behaved like a good girl, none of this would've happened. I get it.

He didn't cut up her face in a jealous rage. No. Sure they argued, but it all was good, so good they made love, and went to bed. He woke up in the middle of the night, got a glass of water, and tripped onto the bed. Gee, he should talk to the battererd women who run into door knobs, or accidentally poke themselves in the face with a fork. They would have a lot of common. Freak accidents. It could happen to anyone.

I don't think so.

I think he's more powerful. I think he told her he loved her baby baby baby and it would never happen again. I'm sure he swore undying affection, gratitude. Maybe he took her out to dinner, bought her roses. Jewelry! A diamond. A token more powerful and longer lasting than the scar on her face. But look, I'm not blaming him.

I would do the same thing if my drunken partyboy lover came home, sloppy and reeking of cheap beer, another woman's business card in his back pocket. All bets are off if you misbehave. It's a good lesson for women everywhere. I know I'm paying attention.


  1. Yes, you're right. A woman acting all drunk and slutty is always the mans fault. Also, every woman is beaten all the time by men. Its a scientific fact. I dont understand how people just dont see the correlation of being a dumb, drunken slut and empowerment. Or abortion and empowerment. Or the ignoring of all personal responsibility to others and acting like a decent human being and empowerment. Ill bet you are a very unhappy, very arrogant bitch who no one loves.

  2. of course, you dont have the balls to publish dissenting opinion. That is a hallmark of feminists. So empowered until you are refuted, at which time you claim everyone is a sexist with a tiny penis who loves his mother too much, who is afraid of you and just wants to hold you down or beat you, because your a member of the oppressed class who has more privelages than any human being in history.

  3. Ok, here you go. I'm publishing your comment, obviously a dissenting opinion, which I am not afraid of at all. Furthermore, the world is filled with feminists who remain empowered if not more so when they are challenged. It would be interesting to find out what you mean by "member of the oppressed class who has more privileges than any human being in history." Could you be mor specific?

  4. Dear Anonymous:

    No one, least of all me, has said a single word about personal responsiblity. If this woman, coming home all drunk and slutty, ran into another car and killed someone, she would be wholly responsible. She might've walked in the door of her home, and was a raving bitch to her boyfriend. She might've had cum all over her clothes from fucking another man.

    Nothing laudable here at all. Nothing praiseworthy. But the man in question--- has a choice. He can just walk away until cooler heads prevail. He can fix her a cup of coffee, put her in the shower, or he can walk away from the relationship (and who really could blame him). What he CANNOT do is cut up her face b/c he is bigger and stronger.