Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Female Body+The Feminine Gaze

photo credit: Marc Travanti

This is a woman's definition of a woman's body. The photographer is a man, but the vision is female. This is my body, ten years ago. This is erotic, not pornographic. This is not demeaning. I am subject, not object. This is still sexual. I chose the stockings. I like the slightly fetishist image this creates. I chose to keep my face hidden. This is my portrait of my body. I chose what to conceal and what to reveal. This is my representation.

It's possible to build a new vocabulary that adheres more closely to the female narrative--- a lexicon that includes words, images and myths and fairy-tales that affirm the power of women, their sexuality, their beauty. A lexicon that includes the love of men, without the male gaze. A vision that is inclusive, not exclusive. I offer this image as proof positive that it can be done.

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