Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pregant Woman+In Labor=Good Luck

On Sunday I went to the corner store for my 10th (kidding) Red Bull of the day. It was two in the afternoon. I was feeling good, been to gym, worked out for an hour, took a sauna. The sun was shining. When I walked in, I saw a woman bent over the counter, her legs spread far apart. I thought, my God, is this woman in labor? Is she having a contraction? And yes, she was. I've never seen this before and it was kind of a magical moment.

My mother had five other children, but I either never saw her in labor or I don't remember. My sister has a baby, my brothers have babies. My friends have babies. Last winter, my sister was hugely pregnant and very beautiful. I love how pregnancy has come out of the shadows, how women wear body conscious clothes instead of flowered tents. And I've seen women in the movies in labor. But never up close and personal.

This woman was weeping. It was obvious she was in intense pain. But at the same time, she was joyous. Her sister or friend stood over her, rubbing her back, while talking on the cell phone to the new grandmother. She was relaying messages to the laboring woman, like "stay on your feet" or "don't eat anything" and this while the deli guy was frying up an egg sandwich. A young boy, part of entourage, stood by, trying very hard to be grown up about the whole thing.

Because I was carrying Molly, he engaged me in conversation about my dog. He was completely charming. He understood the import of what was happening to (I assume) his mother. When the contraction was over, I said, "that looked painful." And she laughed. I touched her shoulder and "God bless you."

The whole incident took about five minutes. I walked out of the store, sure that something good was about to come my way. And--- I was right! As of today, I've gotten three job offers. I'd been looking since last May. I've sent out about 700 applications, no exaggerating, and been on one interview.

Now, I am struggling to keep on top of all the offers. So yes god(dess) bless the woman in the deli on a bright Sunday afternoon. I'm sure by now her child is in the world. I hope she/he grows up to be wise and good, happy and healthy.

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