Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've said it; and I'm not sorry

I haven't seen these movies but I'm going to complain about them anyway--- first up: He's Just Not That Into You. Dear God, could anything be more sexist beside the term cougar? Spawned from a supercilious comment, which mushroomed into a totally unecessary book, and now an embarrssing film--- I have to ask, what is going on with smart women anyway? Why did we embrace The Rules a decade ago?

Why did I have to watch beautiful, smart, accomplished women eat up this slop like caviar? "Oh, no. He totally has to call me first." And now this movie. The trailer of Drew Barrymore is horrifying. She is appears to be one of the smartest, richest, most powerful woman in Hollywood, yet her character is a retro-clingy, ditsy , insecure girl.

And then the travesty of Bride Wars starring yet another smart, talented, classy actress, Anne Hathaway. Her performance in Rachel Getting Married is off the charts. I know, I know --- I haven't seen Bride Wars, but I've read the reviews, and seen the PR. I don't need to see it. I already know the story. Two girls duking it out. Catfight. I love it when women are portrayed as one dimensional shrieking harridans. This is yet another stereotype that I'd like to see smacked into the stratosphere.

Apparently, we (society) still have a compelling need to infantalize women. But I wish we would get over it. I wish women would stop inflating their breasts like bicycle tires I wish we would stop publishing books that perpetuate a worn out, out-dated image of us. I wish we could think of a better alternative to Playboy than Playgirl. I wish we would work harder on creating a new narrative of what it means to be women in the 21st century.

There, I've said it. And I'm not sorry.

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  1. He's Just Not that Into You was better than i expected despite the cliche dating advise/psycho babble that popped up every other minute