Wednesday, January 13, 2010

40 DD's

On my way to the 4 train, as I walk down 161st Street, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium, I pass a discount clothing store; outfits for urban warriors, male and female.  The male mannequins are the usual blank faced generic male models.  They pose and preen but there is nothing noteworthy about them.  They are neither handsome or sexy.  But the women are molded from the bodies of porn stars. The women have something to say. A simple t-shirt is stretched across mammoth breasts with huge prominent nipples. 

A cheap black dress is made extraordinary by the sheer breadth of the boobs.  I'm talking 40 DD's.  I'm talking gazongas. Cha-chas.  Fun bags.  Forget Barbie.  We're talking 52-18-36.  We're talking the biggest of the big breasts.  I always stop to stare. 

Where in the world did they find these mannequins?

It's beyond insulting.  It's cartoonish, almost funny.  I've been tempted to stop in the store and ask them, "Hey just out of curiosity, are they supposed to represent real women to you?  Is this your wife?  Your girlfriend?  Your sister? Is it the smartest thing to model your clothes on bodies that don't exist in nature?" 

I long to puncture the fake boobs like over inflated tires, hear the hiss of escaping air, and bring them back to normalcy.  Women's breasts are not watermelons.  We are not Pamela Anderson.  We are not centerfolds. 

I wonder why the male mannequins don't have gigantic cocks.  A horse or zebra cock that would extend down to their knees, right next to the fake woman with 40DD's.  Now that would be something to write home about.  Wouldn't that make more sense?


  1. Interesting post LA. Along the same line, the other day I asked my wife what kind of image came up on the "Find out Who is looking for you" ad on FaceBook when she is on her page ("Profile"). I asked if it was a male or female. It was a guy, but according to Julie the guy(s) they use for that ad on FB are very much regular guys. Not muscled out studs with their shirts off or anything.
    On the other hand, the women in the same ad that shows up on my page are all very young and have very tight fitting shirts/sweaters stretched across larger than average boobs.

  2. LA - I just spent 10 minutes on FB switching around so that I could gather up some examples of what I am talking about. See them here:

  3. That is crazy. FB does suck now, I agree.

  4. This made me laugh because right now I am a 38DDD. It's horrible. And I'm never this big in the boob department when I'm thin. I'm very judgmental when I see crazy huge breasts on a really thin body. It seems unnatural.

    Big cocks on mannequins. You know there's gotta be a market for it.

  5. I'm telling you big cocks on mannequins is the way to go!!