Monday, January 18, 2010

Cher: The greatest drag queen of all time

I watched the Golden Globes last night b/c I love the spectacle of the dress, the hair and the jewelry.  I did not like Drew Barrymore's gown at all, I kept asking myself, "What is that thing on her shoulder?"  And it was a bit disconcerting to watch her drag Jessica Lange up onstage.  Ms. Lange was Miss Thing.  A great dramatic actress and a great beauty. But perhaps since she sliced up her face, she's not feeling it anymore.  I compared her to Helen Mirren.  They're both about the same age.  But Ms. Mirren owns it.  She may have had a little nip or tuck here or there, but its still her face.  She's not trying to look 30, she knows she not.  And she is still gorgeous.  Every time I see her, I pray, Let me still have that grace and that power.

Cher.  She has sliced up her face--- many times from the look of it, but she's still the greatest drag queen of all time.  I loved her Adams Family goth webbed gown, the big fake lips, her masque-like face, and her defiant smirk upon her iconic face.  As I watched her parade out with Christina Aguilera, I was like, "Damn its Cher. Thank God for Cher."  She still has the courage to be her own grand self.  Older probably than Jessica Lange.  But fierecely fierce.  Jennifer Aniston needs to get a life and a better stylist.   Her body language still screams, "I'm a forsaken woman."  Darling you're too young and fabulous for that kind of crap.

I loved Julia Roberts' mini in a sea of long column gowns.  George Clooney looked slightly embarrassed for his girlfriend.  It's like he presents the women he's dating to the press, to the world, and lets everyone else decide whether or not she's right for him.  Of course she can never be right, b/c in photos with his mother, its clear who's still the number one women in his life.

I liked seeing my friend, from back in the day, David Zayas in the audience. He plays Lt. Bautista on Dexter.  I knew him from the 1994  1993 production of my play Rough/House. I knew him from when he was a cop raising two young children, and acting part-time.  Once on his birthday, we, with his girlfriend and other friends, swam in the fountain at Columbus Circle.  We almost got arrested--- but of course we did not.  He told our potential arresting officer that he was a cop.

I also kept praying that 30 Rock wouldn't win anything.  It gets boring when the same show wins year after year.  Perplexing that Hang Over won best comedy. Funny, yes.  But the whole male-bonding-road-trip-movie is played.  Disappointed of course that Kathyrn Bigelow didn't win best director win for Hurt Locker, but next to her ex-husband's Avatar, that's like Davy fighting Goliath.  Take me to the blue planet.  Take me to Pandora.

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