Sunday, January 10, 2010

Athena, the original headache

The story goes that she sprang fully grown from her father, Zeus', head.  He'd had a splitting headache all day long, and nothing he did soothed his suffering. But what he didn't understand was that he was having labor pains, that his daughter was endeavouring to be born.  Finally, at midnight, when the North Star was the brightest on the horizon, Athena burst through her father's skull.  Already a full grown woman, with breasts, hips, thighs, and most of all--- a brain.  Beautiful and strong. 

The world had never seen a woman like this. Men and women were in awe of her.  Even her father shrank in her presence.  No one could forget her.  No one could ignore her.  She wouldn't go away.  She wouldn't disappear.  No one could shut her up.  This is why Athena is the first headache.  The first real woman. 

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