Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bucket of flowers on State Street

Bucket of flowers on State Street. I admire its tenacity despite the heat and humidity, despite the traffic, the people, and all the dogs who pee on it. A bit bedraggled around the edges, the center blooms are still beautiful. If you see this as a metaphor for my state of mind, you are correct, sir. But seriously the greenery here in Brooklyn is at its apotheosis. High summer, as I like to call it. Already it's a tiny bit darker at twilight and at dawn. I long for cowboy boots and blue jeans, a sweater and a scarf. In the meantime, I keep it cool, and chill out at the local pool, my blue paradise.


  1. What a gorgeous splash of beauty! It's still the small things. A bucket of flowers, the swimming pool.

  2. And a new lip gloss, I'm telling ya it's the little things.