Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stories from the Velvet Chamber or A Poisonous Apple Never Tasted So Good

The first story is about the Wicked Stepmother in Snow White. I want her to a charming and sexy beast. Angela Carter--- who wrote The Bloody Chamber--- is of course my muse. Her revisions of classical fairy tales are baroque, gorgeous, hallucinatory, coldly beautiful. Mine will be erotically charged, hot.

So the Wicked Stepmother, Dominique, marries the Duke of Lexington because her second husband pissed away her fortune, then promptly died. But what she doesn't know is that her third husband, the Duke of Lexington, has just killed his fourth wife. Her ghost roams the castle seeking sexual gratification and revenge. Not only that, when she arrives, she realizes that his young daughter, Snow White, is quite mad. Suicidal.

Dominique has to live with the Duke for 1,000 days to insure a private income from his vast fortune. She has no choice. Watch how she outsmarts her once charming spouse who becomes homicidal after 39 nights in the marriage bed (read: fucking). See how she keeps Snow White from drowning herself in the river with the help of 7 dwarfs. Thrill to the hot passionate romance with a devil who lives inside the chapel mirror.

A poisonous apple never tasted so good. Photo by: Marc Travanti

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