Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm at work so had to find a photo on the computer. I thought pink water lilies would do quite nicely. I'm grateful for all my friends and family--- I've had incredible support from everyone; in a year when my finances have been near impossible. Here is a list of people who deserve a special shout out:

1. My sister, Lori for always sending me birthday, XMAS, and other goodies in the mail even when I cannot reciprocate.
2. My sister, Lonnie; for her wisdom and compassion. When I told her I couldn't move right or left, up or down---she said just let it go.
3. My brother Johnny who treats me to expensive dinners.
4. My friend Mars who came to my emotional rescue, and welcomes me into her mountain home.
5. My niece Angie who is taking me out to dinner tonight.
6. My cousin Debbi who always calls me on my birthday no matter what.
7. My Dad who sends me a beautiful card and one hundred dollars every year without fail.
8. Marc--- friend for 40 years, who has given me a sense of continuity and stability in my crazy life.
9. My ex-husband Peter---even though we've been divorced since 1995 always calls to wish me happy birthday.
10. Molly (nuff said)

Today I'm going to celebrate all of you!

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  1. A belated Happiest of Days to you. I have enjoyed what I have read here. You make me think. Dang!