Friday, July 24, 2009

Feminism: Cool in college, ugly in the real world

Feminism: Cool in college, ugly in the "real world" Bitch Magazine

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I would sincerely like to know why and when feminism became about un-sexy, mean women who hated men. At Lehman College, one of my colleagues has this posted on her office door:

Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

What is so hard to understand about this? It's not mean, its just sensible. Logical.

Feminism exists so 25 year old women in the workplace don't have to be sexually harassed. It's now against the law. Should we go back to the way things were? Being called honey and baby, comments like "your ass looks good in that skirt", and then you were supposed to just laugh and find that flattering.

Feminism exists so women can vote.

Feminism exists so women can get an abortion.

Feminism exists so women, if they want, can have an existence outside of the box of wife and mother.

Feminism exists so pornography can be made by women for women.

Feminism exists so women can study to become lawyers, engineers, bankers. It wasn't so long ago that the only "professional" occupations available were "whore" or "teacher".

Feminism exists so I can have a voice.

Again, what's mean or un-sexy about this? Please explain.


  1. u wrote: "I would sincerely like to know why and when feminism became about un-sexy, mean women who hated men."

    Probably about the same time "masculine" became about misogyny (no matter how many times I check the dictionary that still looks like it ain't spelled right) or "Christian" became about stiff necked self-righteousness or ..... pick your poison. Communication is pretty dang confusing, ain't it?Anytime a word or concept gets tossed around and garners attention, the people who are scared of it or opposed to what it might truly mean or represent are going to do their best to run it into the ground by citing extreme examples and trying to screw up the definition.
    No biggie - happens all the time and nothing gets done. We call some of the most trumped up bullshit on the tube "reality". We call tossing billions of (reward?)dollars to the very hogs who wreaked havoc on the world's monetary system "economic stimulus."
    Sheee-it, I know people who still think a "vista" is a wide open space or a view from a mountain top. (The American Century Dictionary defines it as "a long narrow view as between a row of trees".)
    I certainly get your point, but to my mind our language is constantly getting tinkered with - keeps us on our toes. Good of you to make this point.
    Lord have mercy LA, it is surely a conundrum, ain't it?

  2. Yup, Cliff, it is conundrum. Langauge can be pretty slippery, that's why we got to keep on top it. LAS